The Velvet Rope Party

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 To celebrate the re-opening of The Bristol Bar  , Daniela Corte partnered with Boston Common Magazine , Winston Flowers and The Four Seasons  to launch the new space. We feted the night with Wagyu Beef meatballs, Tatinger Champagne, and the hugest shrimp cocktail I’ve ever seen (equally delicious).


 (That shrimp covered table is the center table for the Dessert Bar at Sundaes on Saturdays, something not to be missed if you are awake at 9pm on a Saturday and crave delicious homemade crepes, ice cream and other delights! )


 The space was transformed into a sexily lit club-like atmosphere, as music pumped loudly to welcome the guests. Not tame the Bristol Bar of late, that’s for sure! A wall of roses adorned the back wall as 5 models stood atop podiums modeling Daniela Corte’s newest collection.


 The designer herself looked gorgeous in a lace coverup over neon orange by her own label.

 My favorite look was this swing top with lace pencil skirt on model Erica Almeida  from Maggie Inc. 


This look reminded me of Herve Leger, or some kind of nod to bondage. Maybe this was a good prelude to my movie outing aftewards…


 The night was not complete without the requisite selfies:


 But I discovered that maybe I needed one of those god awful selfie sticks, because my shoulder is messed up and my arm was not long enough to get all of the girls in the pic!

I wish I could have stayed until the bikini finale, and heard that it caused quite a stir and many onlookers from the windows on Boylston St with zero degree weather outside, but alas, I had to run to a “Ladies Only” 50 Shades of Grey movie screening hosted by Linda Henry  and Sue Brady Hartigan at the Super Luxe Theater   in Chestnut Hill. I wore my pearls as bondage accessories to stay in with the theme! (Though I wish I could share those moments with you, i cannot disclose the participants…private screening=private pictures!)

This post originally appeared in StyleBoston.

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