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He had all sorts of armamentarium set up in a neat, orderly fashion.

I was doing my makeup this morning and reached for a worn out cardboard eyeshadow case of Stila Kitten, and it dawned on me that it might be a cool idea to write about makeup that has had a history–This is not an easy feat to do, to remain popular in a market where we are constantly inundated with new products. My list is short and sweet. I will touch upon some historical favorites, some newcomers, and some honorable mentions. Feel free to list off some of your own favorites which you think make the list in case I missed any here!


In the make-up Hall of Fame top on the list is Nars Orgasm blush, it’s a peachy soft color that works well on many different skin types, it creates a glow akin to it’s moniker on olive skin, pale pink skin, and dark skin alike.


Everyone knows the iconic pink and green plastic tube of mascara–Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara. We had this mascara when we were just learning how to put makeup on in junior high school, and we still have it today. Our mothers had it in their purses when we were little, and now we have it in ours!


How best to take off this blackest black mascara, but to use a longtime favorite–Lancome’s Bi-facil eye makeup cleanser. This clear blue bottle of dual liquids that you shake to create an emulsion like italian dressing has been gently taking off eye makeup for years.


Once you take it off and want to re-apply your mascara, you may reach for newcomer to the Hall of Fame list:  Dior Show mascara. It will run you a whopping $30, but has been touted to create Hollywood style oomph to even the wimpiest of lashes.

Some Honorable Mentions to the Make-up Hall of Fame List, and products that we all have in our cabinet are:

Laura Mercier Primer

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Some Rookie Hall of Famers to keep our eye on for lasting power:

Anastasia Dip Brow

Make-up Forever HD Translucent Powder

Cinema Secrets Foundation Palette


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