The Ultimate Guide to the Top 10 Blue and White Beach Tunics of 2017

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I love a good beach tunic, and this one has made my summer so fun! I’ve worn it with the shoulders up as you see in this pic, and with the shoulders down. I’ve worn it without any pants and as you see in this shoot, with my white distressed Frame Denim jeans. This top can really do no wrong! I found it in this charming boutique in Kennebunkport that I visit every time I am there. It’s called Spaces Kennebunkport. If you can’t make it up there to pick this one up, you can find a similar one here in my roundup of the top 10 blue and white beach coverups of summer 2017:

Do you have any of these? Or a favorite beach coverup that has been with you all summer long?

About to tip my Salmagundi white straw hat off.

I love this Salmagundi straw fedora too. It pairs perfectly with just about anything in my summer wardrobe. And the wide brim gives me ample sun protection. I’ve gotten compliments on this from costume designers on commercial sets all summer long, and people on the street too! You know it’s a good choice when industry people are saying they love it! Thank you Andria and Jessen for hatting me!

Closeup of why I love this red lip makeup by Shaunna Legatos.

Thought you might like to see a closeup of my makeup! I am not a red lip kind of gal, but my makeup artist, Shaunna Legatos, and photographer, Russ Mezikofsky, convinced me otherwise! I’m glad they did, because I simply love the contrast especially how it’s unexpected with such a preppy pale outfit. I may just have to start doing the red lip more! This particular red is a custom lip by layering Lip Tarr and YSL. I tried to recreate it today with Sephora Cream Lip Stain  01 and Urban Decay EZ, but the result was not as good!



Photography: Russ Mezikofsky

Makeup: Shaunna Legatos

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