The Top 5 Picks from the Mass Art Fashion Show 2017: Illuminate

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Mass Art has the best senior fashion show of any design school, and every year they seem to up the bar even more. I love the fact that the school is giving these students an opportunity to showcase their work in a real-life high budget fashion show format.

The show opened with my favorite part about Mass Art–the sophomore projects of non-textile dresses. My top picks were:


Metal by Madeleine Schmuch


Grass by Aideen Murphy


Eyes Dolls by Caroline Fortin

My favorites of the night from the senior collections were design students: Sonya Krikorian and Yvonne Attie.

Krikorian’s collection read like a ready to produce collection. Each piece wowed me with professional construction, and silhouettes that reminded me of the late Alexander McQueen.

Sonya Krikorian6 Sonya Krikorian5 Sonya Krikorian3Richard Bertone

From the artist herself: “Proliferate is a collection inspired by the essence and growth patterns of fungus. Aspects of the silhouettes are exaggerated and texture is created through fabric manipulation and hand work techniques such as felting.”

Yvonne Attie’s Evening Wear collection titled “Phobia” stuck a cord with me as well. Her final look, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn in a royal bee gown had a massive train that swept across the runway elegantly as the model sashayed.

IMG_4459 IMG_4460

From the artist:
“My evening wear collection is based on my Phobia towards bugs; I decided to take a closer look into what scared me to find the beauty in it. As a Latin designer from Pana-ma, I enjoy using color a lot. I used gem tones mixed with black to create a balance be-tween beauty and fear. For me, fashion has to be fun. If not, what’s the point? Accesso-ries are a big part of all my designs I know what shoes I’m going to wear before even choosing an outfit , So I do the same with my designs. I add as much accessories as humanly possible to give it personality… more is ALWAYS more.”

Yvonne was born and raised in Panama City Panama and came to MassArt to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Ultimately, pushing her to be more than that… She’s been creating her own textile prints since Sophomore year . She always considered herself more a ready to wear designer, but realized this past year while do-ing her thesis collection that her interests expanded to evening wear as well.

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