The 6 types of Plaid Shirts That Will Give You the Top Looks For Fall

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Fall is upon us and that means, changing leaves, cooler temps and my favorite thing of all, plaid shirts! I found this keeper in South Hampton on a trip there this summer and have had it on repeat ever since! It’s actually more of a gingham, my hub actually calls it the “picnic table” shirt. We kept going to this cute little Italian restaurant in Newburyport on our many adventures up north and guess what–they had tablecloths of the same pattern. I also happened to be wearing this shirt both times we went last week, so you can only imagine the fun my son and husband had teasing me about this! straw-hat-red-plaid-shirt-white-denim-A-necklace-IMG_7371

Well, the teasing was worth it, because this cotton shirt is so comfy. If you can’t get to Duck and Weave in South Hampton, no worries! Here are some similar shirts, denim, hats and booties:


wavy-hair-red-plaid-shirt-white-denim-horse-IMG_7428Do you have any of these in your wardrobe?

I especially love that this horse that was kind enough to pose with me. The first horse I went near, started stomping its hooves and turned its butt to me. I took this as a sign that he wasn’t into getting his picture taken. I simply love horses, and wish I could ride them again, but sadly I developed a severe allergy to them. My daughter loves horses, so I suck it up for a few weeks out of the summer and take her to this amazing horse camp in Sandwich, Mass, and get to have some fun along the way shooting with my dear friend Russ.

So here are the 6 types of plaid shirts you need:

  1. red
  2. fitted
  3. oversized/boyfriend style
  4. ruffled/with ruffle details
  5. hi-lo (high hemline in the front, low hemline in the back–below the butt)
  6. pajama top

…Ok, so maybe you don’t need all 6 types, but definitely grab one or two for your fall wardrobe. And don’t forget about the jeans to go with them! red-plaid-shirt-white-denim-gray-booties-straw-hat-IMG_7403

White denim is a must in the summer. Don’t be afraid to let it carry over into the fall. I actually keep all of my summer clothes out and bring them down to Miami in the winter. My Miami native friends poke fun at me and say only the tourists wear white denim and bright colors during the winter. So we are spotted from a mile away. I don’t care though, because any excuse to wear bright summery clothes all year round is fine with me. My motto should be “Summer is coming.” Or “Desperately Seeking Summer.” What’s your motto when it comes to seasons?


And don’t forget to pack your Nantucket tote for the beach in Miami! This one served me well, it was stiff enough to stand up straight on its own, and has three nifty pockets in the front that are perfect for stashing things you need quickly when you are chasing a 5 and 7 year old around!

Photography by Russ Mezikofsky

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