The 10 Best Summer White Dresses of 2017

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Playing in the fields of Maine in my white Maison Labiche dress

A perfect white dress for summer is a great find. I found this one at Newma and guess what? It’s on sale 50% off, for the steal of $75! It’s super well made, lined and breathable 100% cotton, designed by french designer Maison Labiche. I love the ruffle sleeves. They are so flirty and go with the whole theme of the summer. My husband hates dresses like this (billowy, non-form fitting), but these are my absolute favorite. They are comfortable and cute and a hit among my friends and other women! So if you’re going out on the town to meet guys, then maybe steer away from this one, but if you are going to a fun gathering with other women, or just want a casual cute look for summer, this is your dress!


Looking to the side in my white Maison Labiche dress while holding a cool straw hat from Salmagundi

I paired it with this super cool straw hat from Salmagundi, which provides just the right amount of sun protection.


Kicking up my Dolce Vita platform shoes

And don’t forget the shoes. Wedges like these Dolce Vita ones are necessary when you’re traipsing around in the fields in Maine.


closeup detail of my guitar purse and a cool white and blue straw hat from Salmagundi.

Here’s a closeup of my purse. It’s a guitar shaped bag. Makes me feel very rock and roll! Do you have any whimsical bags like this?


Tiffany and Co. pearl necklace against the backdrop of a white dress

Here are the 10 best summer white dresses of 2017:

Which one is your fave?

Photography: Russ Mezikofsky

Makeup: Shaunna Legatos

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