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Luke Aaron: Patchwork of Lush Texture

Wunderkind Luke Aaron debuted his newest collection at the Harvard Musical Association to a beautiful trio lead by vocalist Patrice Williamson. “The inspiration is a patchwork of lush texture and pattern. Rich colors and shapes…

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Are you in the #CIRCUIT?

Having just viewed First Monday in May, the documentary movie about the Met Gala–the premiere charity ball which is co-sponsored by Vogue and lead by the master herself–Anna Wintour, I am inspired by the thought of…

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  When an exhibit’s name starts with a hashtag, you know it’s going to be cool. Even just saying the title “#Techstyle” out loud, you realize it sounds like “textile”, an obvious jeu de mot…

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MassArt Vision 2015

“Designers offer the message on what’s new, what’s trending.  MassArt fashion designers present a vision into the future with imagination and wisdom.” Sondra Grace, Head of the Fashion Department MassArt    I had the honor…

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