Sinesia Karol Vogue Brasil

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Sinesia Karol hosted a fashion show with Vogue Brasil at the idyllic pool in her home in Westwood. Boston fashionistas Courtney Forrester, Margaret McNeill, Adriana Hassan, Ashley Bernon, Sofia Ostrer, Daniela Winston, Amber d’Amelio, Elena Matlack, Tiffany Dowd, Abby Cushman, and Kelly Boullet and 50 other lucky guests all came out to support the local designer.


Sinesia introduced her friend, Daniela Falcao, Editor in Chief of Vogue Brasil


Daniela was looking fashionable in a gorgeous feather top that she told me was designed by a local Brazilian designer.


Waiting for the show to start, I noticed my neighbor was wearing some beautiful spiked Louboutin pumps.

Moments later, the collection opened with a beautiful tribal bikini. Inspired by the African Tropics, the designer titled this capsule collection “Tribu Tropic


I loved this gray monokini which had a versatile waist tie. IMG_3104

Who doesn’t love a sheer maxi coverup?



This was another favorite of mine. I think my friend, Tiffany wore this version of it very well too!


IMG_3109 IMG_3111

This high waisted number reminded me of old Hollywood.



The girls all came down the steps, then…


We got a special treat! Three synchronized swimmers in SK bathing suits treated us to a gorgeous swim dance to two full songs!


Here I am with Sinesia and Daniela with my coat on, because I’m always cold! I felt a little bad for the swimmers, but they didn’t seem to mind the nippy temps!


I got this fun selfie with my two neighbors before the night ended!


I can’t wait to wear my new SK bikini and dig into Vogue Brasil poolside Memorial Day Weekend!


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