My latest rants and raves.

My Golden Globes 2016 Top and Bottom Picks

Tonight fashion ruled the Red Carpet. Though it’s definitely the most fun awards show to attend, fashion-wise it’s often touted as the poor relation to The Oscars. Typically starlets (or their stylists) hold back the best stuff for The Academy Awards, but tonight that did not hold true. On the top of my list is…

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Beauty is Skin Deep

I ran home today and slathered myself in lotion. Why you might ask would I do such a thing? Well, let me back up to the beginning…I can say with certitude that today I sat in a room full of women with one thought on their minds: skin, thanks to my dear friend Jessica Diaz.…

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He had all sorts of armamentarium set up in a neat, orderly fashion.

The Ultimate List

I was doing my makeup this morning and reached for a worn out cardboard eyeshadow case of Stila Kitten, and it dawned on me that it might be a cool idea to write about makeup that has had a history–This is not an easy feat to do, to remain popular in a market where we…

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MassArt Vision 2015

“Designers offer the message on what’s new, what’s trending. ¬†MassArt fashion designers present a vision into the future with imagination and wisdom.” Sondra Grace, Head of the Fashion Department MassArt ¬†¬† I had the honor of attending the annual MassArt Senior Fashion Show, which has been a tradition that dates back to 1907. This year…

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Ladies Lunch with Hostess Nelly Carreno

Who gets to hang out on Sundays with the best and brightest women in Boston? I’m usually doing family stuff on the weekends, but was delighted when my bestie, Nelly Carreno asked me to join her in a fun ladies brunch with some of her best pals who are all doing cool things in Boston.…

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A visit across the river to Mother Juice

I got a chance to visit the new Mother Juice juice bar in Kendall the other day and fell in love with their clean healthy approach to juice. Co-owner Laura Baldini toured me around the place and showed me the cold presser and filled me in on the ins and outs of juicing. A fact…

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Happy Chinese New Year 2015

February is a great time of year, not only because of the polar vortex, but because Chinese New Year typically falls in this month. It is based on the lunar calendar and is a celebration that lasts 3-14 days. You give out red envelopes with money in them to kids and non working adults. When…

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Is it Duck or Duct tape?

On vacation in Miami with my two kids, I found that crafts were a great way to occupy ourselves on rainy days! It was by the suggestion of our nanny who wanted to make a duct tape wallet for my son. She made gorgeous wallets, bags, boats, and ended up sucking me in to making…

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