My latest rants and raves.

The Top 5 Trends for Hats

Yes, just when you thought it wasn’t possible, the Hats are Getting BIGGER and BETTER at the Party in the Park 2017. Celebrating and getting dressed from head to toe was the theme of yesterday’s Party in the Park-the 14th annual signature fundraiser for the Emerald Necklace Conservancy to raise funds to improve and restore the lush…

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A Derby Hat Guide

I got to play dress up today and try on dozens of the most fabulous hats for my fashion trend segment on Derby hats. Tune in Friday May 5th to NBC Boston at 4pm for the full report!   The most popular types of ladies hats that are worn to the Kentucky Derby fall under…

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Jason Wu hits Boston in style

What a treat it was to meet Jason Wu in person. He was lovely, had a friendly demeanor and didn’t mind at all me showing him my little girl in her baby pictures with his red dress on. He dressed the first lady and my little lady after all!  I was eyeing this gorgeous dress from…

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Le Diner En Blanc avec les chaussures rouges

On July 31st 2000 revelers made their way from various T-stops to the secret location of the Children’s Museum Waterfront Terrace. The rules were: 1-must wear all white. (i was chided at the gate by the door lady who had clipboard, which I don’t believe was white– but snarkily asked me: “Do you have white shoes?”)…

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The Art of Calligraphy

A few months ago I got the idea in my head that I wanted to learn how to do calligraphy. I have been hounding certain friends to take cooking or baking classes with me, and I thought what better way to round out my repertoire! I was thinking of signing up for a class at…

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FOUND: True Love at the Museum of Fine Arts

Every summer for many years, the Museum Council, which is the young philanthropic branch of the MFA has been hosting the hottest party of the year for philanthropists of all ages to attend. Since my days as a Council Member and Host Committee Member, the party has expanded to a massive 900 attendee guest list to fill…

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Three wonder products to send your skin into summer

Winter is clearly over, thank God! Now we can focus on readying our skin for the summer season. My three favorite products these days to accomplish just this focus on exfoliating and cleaning the skin. I’m gonna tell you how I found these products as well as how to use them, and in days, you…

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Luke Aaron: Patchwork of Lush Texture

Wunderkind Luke Aaron debuted his newest collection at the Harvard Musical Association to a beautiful trio lead by vocalist Patrice Williamson. “The inspiration is a patchwork of lush texture and pattern. Rich colors and shapes reminiscent of stained glass are rendered in contrasting structured and diaphanous textiles. Silhouettes reference ceremonial garments from spiritual traditions across…

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Sinesia Karol Vogue Brasil

Sinesia Karol hosted a fashion show with Vogue Brasil at the idyllic pool in her home in Westwood. Boston fashionistas Courtney Forrester, Margaret McNeill, Adriana Hassan, Ashley Bernon, Sofia Ostrer, Daniela Winston, Amber d’Amelio, Elena Matlack, Tiffany Dowd, Abby Cushman, and Kelly Boullet and 50 other lucky guests all came out to support the local designer. Sinesia introduced her…

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