Luke Aaron: Patchwork of Lush Texture

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Wunderkind Luke Aaron debuted his newest collection at the Harvard Musical Association to a beautiful trio lead by vocalist Patrice Williamson.

“The inspiration is a patchwork of lush texture and pattern. Rich colors and shapes reminiscent of stained glass are rendered in contrasting structured and diaphanous textiles. Silhouettes reference ceremonial garments from spiritual traditions across the globe while abstract floral motifs call to mind a mysterious, sacred garden.”

His fall winter ’16 collection showed beautifully under the backdrop of the historical Harvard Musical Association on Chestnut St in Beacon Hill. His 14 looks were stunning and ranged in price from $625 to $2450. All looks are made to order.

Here were a few of my favorite pieces from the collection:


Of all of the deeper color pieces, this was my favorite. The skirt draped beautifully, and the mixture of texture and color worked well together.

LukeAaron_33 LukeAaron_34

This gown reminded me of an ephemeral goddess. I loved the asymmetry of the sash and the movement of the garment when the model walked.


This piece was appeared gold in person, but photographed more on the white side. I could picture this looking perfect at a charity gala in Boston. When you can picture a garment at a particular occasion, you know the designer is doing a phenomenal job.

LukeAaron_31 LukeAaron_32

His wedding gown was my all-time favorite. I would love to see more of this kind of work, perhaps a whole collection of wedding gowns?


The designer, humble and talented!


photography by Patrick Sporleder

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