FOUND: True Love at the Museum of Fine Arts

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Every summer for many years, the Museum Council, which is the young philanthropic branch of the MFA has been hosting the hottest party of the year for philanthropists of all ages to attend. Since my days as a Council Member and Host Committee Member, the party has expanded to a massive 900 attendee guest list to fill in the expansive Shapiro Family Courtyard–which I have discovered makes for better odds when you are looking for love.

7. Elizabeth Dobrska and Brendan Cieko

2. MFA Summer Party Planning Committee_Photo by Todd Mazer

I originally set out to do a piece about the fashion at this party, because it is an event where the young folks (myself included) come out ready to wow. I won’t get into it, but I was going to wear an AMAZING Michael DePaulo gown, but had a wardrobe malfunction minutes before I was about to leave my home, AND at the same time, my son lost his first tooth. As you can imagine, it was an eventful pre-party at the Mezrich household, but I digress…This year, I fell into an entirely new story angle, just by chance… As I was exiting the Megacities Asia Exhibition in the level below the Courtyard, I ran into a friend who I had not seen in a while besides on Facebook or Instagram. She was posing for a photo with her new beau, who I learned she met at this very party a year ago. I had seen many happy and loving photos of this pair on social media but had no idea that they had met here last year. It was a delight to meet her friend in person, and to learn more about what brought them together. Turns out they had known each other for about 8 years, but had never dated. They ran into each other last year at the Summer Party and it was love at 8th sight?! Well, something like that!

Another pair of star-crossed lovers met at this very event a few years ago. I dragged a girlfriend of mine to the event, because I knew it was a great place to meet people. She was a good sport and came, and sure enough a dashing gentleman in a tuxedo swooped in, with true gusto and chutzpah, plunked himself down at our table, and swept her off of her feet. They dated for a few years, and sadly though it is no more, I can say they did find love at the MFA.

4. J.B. and Tiffany Dowd; Tonya and Ben Mezrich_Photo by Todd Mazer

The third couple that I will speak about are dear friends of mine. My pal, Tiffany saw her prince charming, JB, and asked him for a dance. They started dating immediately and were married six years later. They just had their 12th anniversary. I found out this year as we were talking and walking through the auction room, that he knew that this event, similar to Sadie Hawkins dances, was rumored to be full of gorgeous women who would talk to men and ask them for dances. He had a patented move where he would walk through a room, and if he saw a woman he thought was cute, he would stop nearby and wait for her to come up to him. He planned his move strategically and planted himself next to his future bride, and the rest was history.

15. The Safarani SistersThe moral of my story is: if you are single, philanthropically minded, and want to have a fun time, check out the MFA Summer Party next year. You have a whole year to choose out your outfit, so start planning!



Summer Party Co-Chairs

 Elizabeth Dunne Marcoulier and Jason Marcoulier 
Alice Rossiter and George Lewis 
Charlotte Zawel and Marc Zawel

City chic meets garden green. This annual event raises vital operating support for the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. A portion of the proceeds from this year’s Summer Party benefits the Museum Council Special Exhibition Fund.


Photocredit:Todd Mazer

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