"Fashion changes, but style endures." - Coco Chanel

Luke Aaron: Patchwork of Lush Texture

Wunderkind Luke Aaron debuted his newest collection at the Harvard Musical Association to a beautiful trio lead by vocalist Patrice Williamson. “The inspiration is a patchwork of lush texture and pattern. Rich colors and shapes reminiscent of stained glass are…

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Sinesia Karol Vogue Brasil

Sinesia Karol hosted a fashion show with Vogue Brasil at the idyllic pool in her home in Westwood. Boston fashionistas Courtney Forrester, Margaret McNeill, Adriana Hassan, Ashley Bernon, Sofia Ostrer, Daniela Winston, Amber d’Amelio, Elena Matlack, Tiffany Dowd, Abby Cushman, and…

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Are you in the #CIRCUIT?

Having just viewed First Monday in May, the documentary movie about the Met Gala–the premiere charity ball which is co-sponsored by Vogue and lead by the master herself–Anna Wintour, I am inspired by the thought of fashion as art and the…

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#manusxmachina #MetGala2016

Below is your cheat sheet for the water cooler discussion about last night’s Met Ball! My pal Kate nailed it for makeup and jewelry: Hugo Vanngo MUA, headpiece Dolce & Gabbana The Kardashian Squad was on fire in Balmain. Kylie’s debut…

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  When an exhibit’s name starts with a hashtag, you know it’s going to be cool. Even just saying the title “#Techstyle” out loud, you realize it sounds like “textile”, an obvious jeu de mot to illustrate that the collection…

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Oscars 2016 Best and Worst Picks

If you stayed up last night to watch the 88th Annual Academy Awards you were treated to a bevy of beautiful fashion. There were several themes that pervaded the night. For the dresses it was sequins and deep plunging necklines.…

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My Golden Globes 2016 Top and Bottom Picks

Tonight fashion ruled the Red Carpet. Though it’s definitely the most fun awards show to attend, fashion-wise it’s often touted as the poor relation to The Oscars. Typically starlets (or their stylists) hold back the best stuff for The Academy…

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He had all sorts of armamentarium set up in a neat, orderly fashion.

The Ultimate List

I was doing my makeup this morning and reached for a worn out cardboard eyeshadow case of Stila Kitten, and it dawned on me that it might be a cool idea to write about makeup that has had a history–This…

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