Ever entered a Port-o-potty and found a cool lounge beyond the urinals?

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Yesterday I had the fortunate chance of happening upon the coolest speakeasy I’ve been to in a while. I had seen the neon sign “Bodega” for quite some time passing through the neighborhood in South Beach off of Alton Road. It was always packed with people of all ages, sitting inside and out, seeming to enjoy themselves. The other night I dragged my husband with me to discover what it was all about.

We started by approaching a takeout window of a silver Airstream, which had a huge lighted sign above it that instructed us that it was ” Time to drink tequila and dance on the table” .


Now, some may know that tequila is my new love, so it was a no brainer that we needed to try this place out. I ordered three pork tacos and Ben got three chicken ones–hold the onions, hold the cilantro. (his sensitive stomach is not built for onions, he has told me millions of times, and he is one of those people who genetically abhors cilantro). Then we moseyed over to a high top table, but not before checking out the plethora of hot sauces they had to offer. There were little taste cups to sample them, but once I had sampled one, my mouth was so on fire that they pretty much all tasted the same!

They had a ceviche special which I only ordered last minute because I happened to notice the sign. It actually ended up being my favorite part of the meal! The pork tacos–I had them all three ways, seemed a bit grissily, but the flour tortillas that they came in were delicious. The salsas they offered with the chips all started to taste about the same, but might have been due to my hot sauce sampling from earlier…

Ben was pretty bored with his chicken tacos (which might have something to do with the fact that they were basically just chicken and tortillas), and seemed to gravitate more towards the chips and salsa. Though I sampled the chicken, and thought it tasted leagues better than the pork offerings.

The menu was brief and to the point, chicken or pork. No beef, I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s not authentic to have beef tacos? or is it just a cost saving measure? The dessert offerings were these cool frozen fruit bars and frozen bananas. I didn’t get a chance to get one, but will make of point of doing so on our next visit!


After noshing on the food, we undertook the coolest part of the evening–venturing through this blue door.


We were greeted by these:


Then found this gorgeous hipster heaven with lush velvet couches, a swinging bench, and a bar full of every tequila on the planet (except my favorite-Patron Silver…) I substituted a Don Julio Silver and got a spicy margarita on the rocks with salt. The block cubes were on point, and the flavor profile was delicious–none of that pre-made margarita mix, this mixologist meant business.

IMG_4251 IMG_4257

We enjoyed some complimentary pool and sipped on my $14 margarita and enjoyed a date night out at the lounge beyond the port-o-potty.

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