Daniela Corte in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

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Our very own Daniela Corte was anointed the hugest honor for any swimwear designer in the world–to have her bikinis be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue–an issue that has been around since 1964, and generates upwards of 35 million dollars in ad revenue yearly, and has had supermodel greats such as Tyra Banks, Paulina Porizkova, and Elle Macphearson grace their covers.

The issue itself came about by editor Andre Laguerre initially as an idea of a way to fill the magazine with content in the winter months when sports reporting was slow. Who knew that such a small idea for “filler” would take off and become the backbone of the entire magazine and create a whole new opening with huge financial gains for several industries?

I had a chance to interview Daniela about being chosen for this coveted issue and here’s what she said:


  1. It’s a huge honor to be chosen to have your fashions worn in the most highly rated issue of the year of all magazines–the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue–how did this partnership come about?

They approached us, it was love at first sight :-)

2..You’ve been developing your swim line for 3 years now, what would you say is your signature style for the line?

It’s difficult to choose one it really depends on the market but a style we always have and repeat is a one piece deep V!

  1. As in the one I’m most obsessed with: the wine colored fringe one. Where can people buy these?

The fringe suit is available via special order at danielacorte.com or via phone 617-262-2100

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  1. Most of your suits speak for themselves and don’t need any accessories at all. I see that they followed this theme and went simple but sexy with the accessories for the swimwear. What is your opinion on how the stylist accessorized the looks? Do you carry those accessories as well?   I always love seeing what talented stylists do with my suits. And yes we are on the same page at DC we have a gorgeous line of jewelry called “Lexi” that we offer at our Studio. Lots of body chains and multi layered necklaces.

5. How many styles of suits did you send them? and how many ended up in the magazine?

We sent tons of suits! 3 images ended up being chosen for the Sports Illustrated website.

  1. What’s in the pipes for the next swimwear collection, and when can we expect to see it?

We are in the middle of collaborating with some great designers, creating really captivating unique prints and always exploring new suits and techniques, and different ways to tie suits. There will be a suit for every body type, but as always I love curves!

  1. what are your social media handles if people want to follow you?


This article originally appeared on StyleBoston.

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