Cold weather gotcha down? Embrace the freeze and dip into these fat busting trends to CRYO the rest of winter away!

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You know the latest and greatest in beauty treatments must be good if they attract as many men as women. In Boston, state-of-the-art technologies—as well as good old-fashioned makeup—are fighting double chins, eye bags, and love handles in a very co-ed scene.

Beacon Hill boutique veteran Amy Bailey’s newest venture is Townhouse Beauty Bar, where many a guy visits for pre-party primping in the form of Jouer under-eye concealer. Be sure to ask about tips on proper application. 28 Charles St., 857-250-4433

Dreamspa Medical’s male clients utilize Kybella injections to kill fat cells, transforming double-trouble chins into single works of wonder, says Dreamspa founder Diana Brouillard. Platelet rich plasma also works as a nonsurgical treatment for hair loss and acne scarring. 1223 Beacon St., Brookline, 339- 502-4717

Dr. Daniela Winston has opened Boston’s first-ever cryotherapy spa, Cryomed, where superfreezing liquid nitrogen treatments reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and boost fat-burning. Popular amongst Bruins and Red Sox players looking for faster muscle recovery and pain management. 252 Newbury St., 617-247-2796

This article was originally published in hard copy in the Fall 2016 issue of Boston Common Magazine. Click here for the original.

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