Are you in the #CIRCUIT?

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Having just viewed First Monday in May, the documentary movie about the Met Gala–the premiere charity ball which is co-sponsored by Vogue and lead by the master herself–Anna Wintour, I am inspired by the thought of fashion as art and the staying power of fashion through time. Thinking about how some of these very garments could one day be viewed by 800,000 people in a museum exhibition makes it even more compelling to support budding designers who are making their way into this world.

I’m transported from New York city to Boston where Fashion is alive and well! On Saturday, a very important event in Boston fashion took place, the Fashionista crowd came out in style to support and view MassArt’s annual fashion show titled CIRCUIT. But before the defile could begin, partygoers such as Ashley Bernon, Mary Nobile King, Julie Gordon, Kristina Lyons, Erica Corsano, Dianna Reza and Sofia Ostrer noshed on bites at the VIP dinner with about 50 other guests at Cinquecento Trattoria in the South End.

Shortly thereafter, everyone was seated next door in the hollowed out Power Station, and fashions came down the runway electrifying the former power plant, featuring seventeen seniors showcasing their work with collections that took several years to build.

Here is a sampling of some highlights:

2Naomi Fyhr͛

4Ana Romero

10 children’s line by Rebecca Bastarche

12 Roshan Akbari

As a preamble to the night I got to model some of the fashions too!

Here’s me in Naomi Fhyr, hair by Violet Furxhi at Salon Mario Russo:

235-fashionistas-949 271-fashionistas-1002

This dress is red carpet ready, and was very sexy and intricate at the same time. The leather caging you see had tiny fasteners for each level. Houdini would have been mystified by this one!

I didn’t get to walk down the runway in this gorgeous non-textile fashion, made by sophomore, Maria Zoto, who used sandwich bags and glued them on in the shape of delicate roses, but here’s a shot of me in it from the photoshoot! I might have needed a few more roses placed in conspicuous places to make it down the runway… But it was a dress fit for a princess indeed!

Tonya 385-fashionistas-1208

The night was cochaired by lovely fashionable ladies Ashley Karger and Emma Calus, both longtime supporters of MassArt.


If you missed this year’s show, there’s always next year! But be sure sure to sign up early because it is always a sold out event!


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