Why this Blog?

When my web designer asked me, “why this blog?” I sat there for a few minutes and contemplated – why? It’s a very good question. The main reason is because my close friend Tifffany, insisted that I needed a centralized location to house all the cool stuff I was doing. She has been a dear friend for many years and has watched me in all of my ups and downs, and has been there all along supporting me in everything that I do. She is also a very well established social media maven, so I knew she was definitely on to something when she gave me this recommendation. I was so flattered that she thought my projects were worthy of their own site, but as you know time and babies can take over your life. Well, the time has come when I am proud to announce that after birthing two adorable munchkins, I am finally ready with the help of my awesome designer, Dejan, to birth this third baby – tonyamezrich.com.

Welcome to the new home for all of my projects. I see it as an interactive magazine, where you can find out what’s on my mind, where I’ve been and what I want to do.So come in and enjoy!


Mike & Ton is a contemporary fashion line by Michael De Paulo & Tonya Mezrich composed of chic dresses & separates.

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A hybrid of fashion, design, travel, dining, nightlife and media content, Styleboston is New England’s expert on living the cosmopolitan lifestyle.

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Dunwello, a Boston-based startup, is a professional tool designed to help you be both happy and productive at work.

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