5 Easy Ways to Style Your Favorite Bodysuit 

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Bodysuits are all the rage. In fact I dug this old Wolford one out of my wardrobe, and have found amazing ways to style it for fall and winter and I’m going to share the five ways with you right here.


Walking down Newbury Street in a bodysuit and circle skirt is always hot

1) bodysuits go really well with circle skirts. I love it paired with this Zac Posen wool  skirt. This particular circle skirt has a high-rise waist. You could also pair a bodysuit with a simple waistband circle skirt. It would work just as well.


A vest can come off or on…when it comes to bodysuits

2) throw a vest over the body suit. I like this furry Helmut Lang vest because it adds a fun texture to my look. It also breaks up the bodysuit and is great if you want to feel more covered up, but still sexy.


Oversized blazers are so 80’s! And so in!

3) bodysuits and blazers go hand-in-hand. I changed this look entirely by putting an oversized boyfriend blazer on top of my body suit. This pairing would also be really hot with a simple pair of distressed denim on the bottom.

4) pair your body suit with a sheer skirt. This styling is really only reserved for the fashion forward! It’s a very hot runway look and has made its way into more daring fashion scenes such as Miami and New York. But I don’t see why you can’t sport this look going down Newbury Street in Boston? Just make sure it’s not a thong bodysuit and is more of a full coverage bodysuit on the bottom.

Here are some great bodysuits that will suit this look perfectly:


Circle skirts have great movement, try it out one day, do a twirl!

5) my fifth and final easy way to style your favorite bodysuit is to put it under your favorite suit. A power suit will look perfect with the bodysuit as the shirt underneath. Equally hot is a skirt suit with a bodysuit as the shirt. For color choices a monochromatic look is very hot for fall: think navy blue bodysuit under a navy blue suit. But I also like mixing textures and colors. A pop of color would be pretty cool underneath the suit such as a black suit with a red bodysuit underneath or vice versa. The options are endless. What’s your favorite bodysuit pairing underneath a suit?

For cool accessories like my rings and bag check out Rachel Zoe’s Box of Style.

Photos by Russ Mezikofsky

Hair by Teryn Brewer at Salon Capri 

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