10 Pounds Lighter

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Want to lose weight without dieting and exercising? I will let you in on my little secret-perfectly bronzed skin. With Custom Airbrush Tanning, I was treated to a session with Jen Barry at Bliss Spa at W Hotel Boston. I had no expectations, but went home feeling 10 lbs lighter.  When my husband came home after a business trip, he said, “Wow, you look great! Very skinny. What have you been doing?” I smiled and said nothing. How does it work?

  • Take a relaxing steam shower, they don’t recommend exfoliating beforehand, because it will leave you with a streaky tan.
  • Remove all face makeup
  • Sit in the lounge and snacked on my favorites- their signature brownie bites and cheese cubes with a hot tea as I waited.
  • Have a moment of peace without your phone because it’s blissful.
  • Within minutes Jen comes by to bring you to the tanning room. She has a sweet demeanor, very warm and bubbly and made me feel instantly comfortable. which (you will come to realize is something very important as you are going to be standing there buck naked in a few minutes.)
  • remove all jewelry, and put your hair up in a bun. You can optionally strip down to nothing at all, or use the disposable undies they have available.( I opted for the latter because it’s kinda nice to see the “tanline” so you know how much of a tan you actually got!)

A whirring sound then a smell of flowers, and the process begins…I held my arms out to the side and Jen began spraying the cool mist on my body from the gun that looks like a blow dryer. We had pre-selected medium, since I already had a nice base tan. For my paler friends she recommends light. Or if you are coming in only a day before your event, then light might be the right color option for you too. I had booked my appointment on a Monday since I had a Wednesday event. Two days seems to be the optimal resting time. After being airbrushed and then dried with the same device, Jen gave me a disposable blue robe to put on. We walked back, barefoot, to the Bliss lounge and she had me wait there another 10-15 minutes to further dry.

IMG_5686 tight dress and locker room selfie post tan.

I wore a tighter fitting dress that day, and found that the advice to wear loose fitting black clothing was good advice. My dress was also lighter colored, so it ended up getting some of the tanning product on it (which washed out easily).  I went home feeling sexy and a bit sticky, but followed instructions and did not take a shower or wash my face until the next day. The shower water turned a bit brown, washing off the external tanning solution, but the skin remained a beautiful golden glow.  Hydrate hydrate hydrate is the key to keeping this tan. Lotion on your skin after showering, and later in the day as well will keep the tan going up to 2 weeks. At about $30 a week, ($60 for the service, not including gratuity), isn’t too bad instead of avoiding those ice cream cones at Amorino

They say the camera adds 10 lbs but all I can say is that the airbrush tanning takes off 10lbs! Try it, you’ll like it.

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